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Grab a drink, sit back, relax and read about how small changes to your health and fitness could improve your ability to cope with conflict...


No surprise here, this is the top of our list!  Considered the "ultimate stress management tool",  sleep is vital for managing and improving cognitive reasoning (ie. your ability to remain calm and rational under pressure).  Read more here: 


You need to feel healthy to think healthy.  That is to say, you are only as effective in all manners of your human functioning as you treat your body - most importantly the brain.  Try these articles for inspiration:


We all know that to live well, we need to eat well....minimise the junk, lots of water, get our 5-a-day....and there's important research that also shows the effects of good nutrition on relieving stress, enhancing cognitive reasoning and improving problem solving.  

Animals and the Effects on Stress

This blog needs little introduction - the picture says so much!  While we're not suggesting you rush out and get a dog, (as being a pet-owner requires a great investment of time and responsibility), and for some this simply may not suit their lifestyle, but there is great evidence in the rewarding effects of being around or taking care of animals.